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Mission Statement

The focus of our organization is to provide opportunities including organized competitions, workshops and training for our members to participate as they strive for continuous improvement. In addition, we work to reinforce the characteristics of honesty, fellowship, good sportsmanship and true citizenship in our membership.  We also feel it is our mission to serve our community through education, from proper firearm care and handling to basic marksmanship and more in an attempt to build an understanding and respect for our sport and in turn ensure its future. 

Our Facilities

  • Members only range

  • 50, 25 & 10 yard pistol ranges with a covered firing line

  • 200 yard rifle range with covered firing line

  • Club house with warming kitchen and facilities

  • Meeting room

  • Target house and other storage buildings for stands and target frames for member use

Membership Requirements and Fees

  • Members must be 21 years old.

  • The DSA Chief Instructor will contact you when your opportunity for membership arrives. You will be expected to attend an orientation which includes a range tour, safety briefing, rules review and a participant shooting demonstration. The Chief Safety Officer will provide additional details up contact.

  • New members will be required to pay a one-time initiation fee in addition to the year's dues.  The yearly dues fee may be prorated depending on join date.  2023 Fee Structure: Dues & Initiation $270.00; 2024 all fees will increase to $180.00. 

  • All fees must be paid by check at time of orientation; credit cards are not accepted at this time. 

  • Additional rules regarding late payments, violations and member termination will be discussed during orientation.

  • Membership is limited to 500 and our waitlist is extensive. Individuals who apply will be placed on the waitlist in order of application receipt. 

  • New members will not be accepted in August, November or December.

  • Due to the limited membership capacity and our extensive waitlist, new member applications are not being accepted at this time. Please check back often for updates.

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