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June ​News & Happenings

 Event Alerts

None at this time, all running as scheduled

Volunteers Needed!


The DSA Steel Challenge Chapter will be holding a 3 day match in October (11th-13th). The 3 days will be stocked full of fun, food and some raffles!  To pull something off of this size though we need your help! Stage setup, nook operators, gophers and RO's; everyone has an opportunity to contribute!  All volunteers shoot Friday for free (a $60 value). You do not have to be a DSA member to volunteer, however those that are may also log their time as work hours. What's not to like? Those interested in volunteering should reach out to the DSA match director for information and to sign up; click here to email.  Those interested in serving as match ROs will be required to attend locally held training sessions between now and the event date. 

The Appleseed Project Returns! 


What is Project Appleseed™ ? It isn’t a gun club or a militia, nor is it a historical society. Instead, they are a non-partisan group of men and women (known as the Revolutionary War Veterans Association) who are committed to upholding the values and principles of America’s founding fathers. They use rifle marksmanship instruction as a gateway to help bring our nation’s history to life and to show that many of the values that our forefathers relied on to win our independence are still very much in demand today. A wonderful event for the whole family, registration is required. Additional details and the registration link can be found on the "training page". 


 Just Announced!


August - DNR Hunter Safety Course

check the training center for additional details.

MD & DE legislation, Stay Informed!

Regardless of where you live, politicians are prioritizing the passing of bills which will infringe on your rights as a law abiding citizen.  To keep up to date and have your voices heard, click the link below. Once there, filter the results for your state. Every result returned where you see the "take action" icon, select it and then follow the instructions. 

Click here and let your voice be heard!

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